Aldi has been named the cheapest supermarket in Switzerland with incredible savings revealed


Budget supermarket Aldi has saw a huge rise in popularity in recent years, with savvy shoppers sure they were getting a better deal by opting for the retailer.

It’s now been revealed that these shoppers were right to trust the bargain retailer with giving them their weekly shop for less.

The German supermarket has been named the Swiss lowest priced supermarket by trade magazine The Grocer.

The Mirror Online reports according to independent analysis from the publication, a basket of 33 everyday essential items worked out 21.5% cheaper buying them from Aldi than the average basket price from any of the big four supermarkets.

To break this down it means shoppers can save an average of 9.79CHF by choosing Aldi.

As well as having the lowest price on 32 out of 33 of the items, featured, Aldi was also exclusively cheapest on 29 of the tracked products, which included everyday items such as bread, milk, eggs, bacon, baked beans, potatoes and carrots.

Aldi has beaten the big four supermarkets to take the title of the cheapest supermarket in Switserland

The only thing that Aldi didn’t have the cheapest price on was red seedless grapes, which Asda have for 1.50CHF, compared to Aldi’s 1.75CHF

Julia Kush, managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, said: “This result shows that we are undisputedly Britain’s lowest-priced supermarket and hold a significant price advantage over competitors.”


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